FotkajSE photobooth

Spice up your event and turn it into a party that will delight your guests!

Every party deserves to be unforgettable. But in order to be remembered for a long time, it has to have that “something” that will make it special. And something that guests will recount for a long, long time.

This is FotkajSe.

A photo booth, which enables the immediate creation of an uncountable number of photographs. Real, honest and tangible photographs. If we add to these that lovely blend of modern and traditional and some funny props like moustaches, glasses, hats, ties etc…then the party is guaranteed! And if you’ve ever been to a party with a photo booth, then you will know exactly why you need it at your party…

FotkajSe is an elegant photo booth, which is perfectly suited to a wedding, birthday party, promotion or business event. Regardless of the theme, your guests will always have pleasure engaging in funny adventures creating a number of unique photographs, making it a gift to your guests too, as well as a form of entertainment and a memory too.

Have we already mentioned somewhere that all photographs can be personalised?

Name, verse, image, Instagram or something entirely different can be a framework that will make those photography really precious memories. Besides that mentioned before, we also have a dozen of fanciful props. With a photo booth your wedding will become a little sillier, a business meeting will seem more relaxed and a celebration for a degree or diploma will become a real treasure house of beautiful images for Facebook. That gloomy uncle you often find in a corner yawning has no chance at this party. With paper moustaches and a clown’s nose he will look absolutely hilarious!

It has been proved. FotkajSe makes your party the queen of all parties!

You ask, we answer!

How to rent a photo booth?

First of all, contact us! Send us your ideas, questions, vision and we will provide you with all the information you require. We will deliver and install FotkajSe for you and will also take care of its perfect functioning at all time.

Are our props guaranteed and can they be personalised?

Of course they can. We will come with a box full of props that will wake up the creative spirit in you. If desired, we can personalise your photos with your name, celebration, image…

Where can I put the photo booth?

FotkajSe can be put anywhere! Its elegant design is ideal in every space.

The photo booth’s dimensions are: height: 1.5 m and width: 0.5 m.

Can the photo booth be in an open space?

Sure it can. FotkajSe looks just as good both inside and under the starlit sky. All you need is a common electric outlet.

How long can a photo booth be rented for?

As agreed, 3-5 hours.

When and what photos will we get?

We are aware that it is really difficult to have to wait for all those great photos so that is why we take care to make sure you have them in your hands immediately at the end of the event. We will deliver your 5x15cm or 15x10cm photos in high resolution on a USB pen drive.

Is a photo booth suitable for a bachelorette party?

Absolutely, yes! With FotkajSe, strippers become totally uninteresting!

Is a photo booth suitable for business meetings?

Yes! FotkajSe raises the business event to a completely new level! When was the last time you went to an entertaining business event? Did you really have fun? Stop scratching your head, we understand. Business events do not usually leave long-time impressions. Well, now imagine that your employees/partners/clients/investors have the opportunity to really enjoy themselves and bring a strong and positive impression and memory from a different kind of business event!

How soon do we have to give you notice?

This depends on the dates available. If you already know the date of your event, then it will be best to book your date as soon as possible.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

You will pay a deposit of 20% of the rental price.


FotkajSE is happy to break the ice at all your parties

FotkajSE loves your guests equally no matter what their age

FotkajSE adores competitions for the craziest photos

It is so easy to fall in love with FotkajSE

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