Wedding photography

Kontuš is a photographer with a very refined taste and sense of beauty, who knows how to capture the moment leaving you both astonished and delighted. These are moments which show feelings, love, happiness, joy and enthusiasm. Looking at these photographs you will also feel the thrill or joy of the moment and will experience these moments even if you had only known the most insignificant member of the group. Using both experience and a sense for photography, in every single moment of the wedding together with his team he is able feel when beautiful shots present themselves and these moments are an unavoidable part of his works. That sense and feeling is an extraordinary Kontuš quality that makes him different from other photographs who try to capture such moments.

Portraying the newlyweds is a pose that is unavoidable in a wedding album and of course such beautiful photographs will also be found in his wedding albums. However, feelings and moods are the essential elements where their work as a top of documentary photographing can be fully experienced.

Arsen Maršanić

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